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                            activated carbon manufacturing process

                            Carbon black pulverizer is a kind of pulverizer, but it belongs to ultra-fine pulverizer, which can process the difficult-to-break carbon black to more than 3250 mesh powdery raw materials. Its working principle is that the grinding of these stones is more delicate than that of ordinary mills, and the process is higher than that of traditional milling equipment, and the output is large, and it has strict requirements on the feed particle size and humidity control. Therefore, the carbon black milling process, the carbon black milling machine is the better choice!
                            First of all, it is said that the carbon black pulverizer is a process for making carbon black powder. The crushed carbon black falls into the rollers of the grinding ring and is punched, rolled, and ground by the ring roller. At this time, the carbon black material requires three-layer grinding. After the first layer is crushed, it falls into the second layer for more fine grinding, and then enters the third layer of grinding powder to achieve the required particle size. At this time, the suction effect of the fan of the equipment sucks the external air into the machine, and brings the powder after the third layer of crushing into the powder separator, and finally the discharge valve at the lower part is discharged as the finished product. The air flow with a small amount of fine dust is purified by a pulse dust collector and discharged through a fan and a muffler.
                            carbon black grinding mill
                            Finally, it is the grinding advantage of the equipment. For example, the carbon black grinding mill has a relatively low noise and a small working vibration amplitude; it also has a larger pressure to grind finer materials; the important thing is that it has a longer service life than ordinary mills. This is a superfine mill Machine has important advantages. The carbon black mill has a high comprehensive utilization rate, is safe and reliable, and cannot have problems such as irrational design of the machine itself and failure to meet national standards. In addition, the more important aspect is that the pulse precipitator equipped with it is clean and environmentally friendly. This is designed and developed in full accordance with national environmental protection standards, and it also conforms to the concept of national sustainable development. Therefore, the development prospect of carbon black mill is very good, a better choice for carbon black milling!

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